Stage 7 Race Report

2016 Tour of Japan
Stage 7, Izu

Yukiya ARASHIRO (LAMPRE – MERIDA) got the first stage win after having broken his left thighbone

Izu Stage is known for a tough course and almost the last chance to change GC order today.

Stage 7 was held in Japan Cycle Sports Center in Izu city, Shizuoka Prefecture on Saturday, 4th June.  The course is 12.2km per lap, 122km total by 10 laps, up and down with 3,750m of the total elevation gain.

2016 Tour of Japan continues beautiful weather and about 20,200 fans including Keirin school students watched the race on Day 7.

The race showed the quick race pace from the first lap and about 30 peloton went to the 2nd lap.

Three riders escaped from the main group and made the time gap with three minutes at most.

The 3rd GC place, Mirsamad POURSEYEDIGOLAKHOUR (TABRIZ SHAHRDARI TEAM) was in the lead group and the following group was led by Oscar PUJOL (TEAM UKYO) who only survived in his team.

In the last half of the race, Jai CRAWFORD (KINAN CYCLING TEAM) joined the leading group to assist Marcos GARCIA (KINAN CYCLING TEAM) and the following group caught the 3-escape in the last lap.

Yukiya ARASHIRO (LAMPRE – MERIDA) attacked in the last 600m and won the stage with two seconds time gap.

ARASHIRO (LAMPRE – MERIDA) crashed and broke his left thighbone in Tour of Qatar on 12th February, 2016.  Today’s result proved his perfect recovery after only about four months of the injury.
He said with big smile “I run with the almost my maximum power and the high-speed race without attacks suited me.  Today’s result makes the team happy and I would like to keep my good performance towards the Rio Olympics via a selection of Tour de France and have a good year.”

PUJOL (TEAM UKYO) kept the Green Jersey Wearer without assist of his teammate, commented “It was the hardest race ever for me.  I was panicked during the race, but thanks to an assist of KINAN CYCLING TEAM which has the 2nd GC rider, I could have caught the escape and kept my jersey today.”

Day 8, the tour finally arrives in Tokyo, the last stage.  The time gap of the top group looks enough, but no team can loosen the power with considering the team tactics.

ツアー・オブ・ジャパン2016 第7ステージ伊豆

「新城幸也 大腿骨骨折から復活のステージ優勝」













第7ステージ伊豆 122.0m
1位 新城幸也(ランプレ・メリダ)3時間27分00秒
2位 キャメロン・バイリー(アタック・チームガスト)+02秒
3位 ダニエルアレクサンデル・ハラミリョ(ユナイテッドヘルスケアプロフェッショナルCT)+05秒

個人総合順位 第7ステージ終了時点
1位 オスカル・プジョル(チーム右京)17時間04分49秒
2位 マルコス・ガルシア(キナンサイクリングチーム)+1分05秒
3位 ミルサマ・ポルセイェディゴラコール(タブリーズシャハルダリ)+1分08秒

個人総合ポイント順位 第7ステージ終了時点
1位 アンソニー・ジャコッポ(アヴァンティアイソウェイスポーツ)67ポイント

個人総合山岳順位 第7ステージ終了時点
1位 ミルサマ・ポルセイェディゴラコール(タブリーズシャハルダリ)23ポイント

チーム総合順位 第7ステージ終了時点
1位 タブリーズシャハルダリ 51時間22分37秒
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